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As a travel-loving, 40-hour a week working, new business starting, single Christian New York City girl I have a lot going on!  Keeping it all together is a challenge but keeping it all in is harder. I'd love to share my journey with you! Welcome to my honest insights on life, faith & fun! I am an open book so read on girl, read on!



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April 18, 2020

There are so many benefits to defining your niche and the audience you are called to serve. Once you define your audience you get a chance to “know” them. You can define their pain points, the platforms the use and how to reach them as well as how you can tailor your product or service to best suit them.

Serving your Audience

Ah, the good old call to define your niche. A niche market, in business, is defined as: a service or product that appeals to a small, defined population. But you might be thinking “I offer services and products for everyone, why do I have to limit myself to a small population?”


April 11, 2020

How Niche of You!

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Ok, so you’ve got the vision! You’ve written it down and made it plain! Congratulations, that is half of the battle! But at this point, although you have defined your passion and purpose you may not have a clue where to start to move from hobbyist to a full-blown #girlboss entrepreneur.

Welcome Girl Boss!


April 4, 2020