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Christian Life Coaching integrates the practice of coaching with the belief that God is always at work in our lives. As a Christian Life Coach I work from the belief in your ability to steward the life that God has given you. He has created you for the very thing you desire to do! As a Christian Life Coach I create space and provide the structure and accountability needed to help you achieve your goals. God is centralized and is the sovereign guide for all coaching work and we submit to his leading and direction in our coaching sessions. Christian Life Coaching helps you to discern what God is doing in your life through thought provoking, powerful questions aimed at assisting you in committing to action on deep-seeded desires, dreams and goals planted by the Lord.

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Whole  Hearts  Restored


Structure and Accountability

Personalized Support

Growth Tools & Worksheets

8 Weekly 60-Minute Sessions

New Client Welcome Kit

Free Discovery Call

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This package is best suited for you if you are in a life transition or currently feeling stuck. You may be disheartened, disillusioned or confused because life does not look like what you dreamed it would be at this stage of your life. You may feel lost or confused in your career, you may have recently experienced a break up or other difficult life situation. You desire to redefine your vision for the future. I believe that God has a purpose, plan and a vision for your life. You are not where you want to be but you are perfectly positioned for God to move. He has plans to prosper and not to harm. I walk with you in the seeking and help you get unstuck and gain clarity on the next best step. I will help you move past points where you are feeling uncertain, stuck or stagnant so you can walk confidently and fearlessly into the future. 

If you want to get clear about the next step to take and align with God's purposes for this season of life, book your free discovery call today to take the first step to living wholeheartedly! Gain clarity, direction and construct a plan to walk confidently in this season!

8 weeks coaching

get unstuck

Structure and Accountability

Personalized Support

Growth Tools & Worksheets

13 Weekly 60-Minute Sessions

New Client Welcome Kit

Free Discovery Call

as a client, you will receive:

This package is best suited for you if you are seeking God’s purpose for your life. You want to understand your calling and walk in it. Deep within your heart you know you were made for more. You desire to live your life out in the abundance that you were created for and walk in purpose, but you are not sure where to begin. I will help you gain clarity on your unique identity in Christ. Ephesians 2:10 says “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, for which God prepared in advance for us to do.” 

Sis, you were created to do the very thing that God has uniquely fashioned you for! I will walk with you as you begin to discover (or rediscover) all of the things that make you come alive inside as well as your unique skills and abilities. If you want to get clear on your calling and begin to take steps to intentionally prepare to walk in this season of life, then book your free discovery call today to take the first step to living on purpose! Gain clarity, direction and pursue purpose. 

3 months coaching

clarity & calling

Structure and Accountability

Personalized Support

Growth Tools & Worksheets

26 Weekly 60-Minute Sessions

New Client Welcome Kit

Free Discovery Call

as a client, you will receive:

Dreams will always remain dreams if we don’t put clear action steps behind our God-vision. I know you don’t want to live a life unfulfilled and there is more that God wants to birth through you. There are women waiting for the dream that God has placed on your heart to come alive. Sis, I know this BIG dream seems scary and daunting, but God has equipped you with all that you need to accomplish this dream/vision. 

Over the course of six months, in personalized 1:1 sessions, I will walk with you as you get clear on the vision, create a plan to achieve your action steps, move past fear, indecision and confusion into your BIG God-dream! This dream is bigger than you, many will be blessed by your obedience to the call. Please know that you are not meant to do this alone. Book your free discovery call and take the next best step to turning the dream into a reality. You will live wholeheartedly and walk fearlessly into the future! 

6 months coaching

it's a God  dream

Bible Studies

Weekly Growth and Reflection Assignments

Weekly Prayer & Accountability Calls (90min)

as a client, you will receive:

Together, during the course of 12-weeks, we will work to uncover fears, limiting beliefs and past hurts that
have hindered us from becoming the woman God created us to be. Restored TM is designed to provide practical tools in addressing these issues, hearing from God about the underlying causes of these issues and set us back on track to grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally. It frees us to live life wholeheartedly- to create beautiful lives from the inside out! Holy, beautiful and all together pleasing to Him. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. (Ephesians 2:10 ESV). This course will present you with an opportunity to do the inner work needed to break free from all that limits you from living life whole heartedly. Through a process of study, reflection, honest assessment and accountability to God and others you will move through the hindrances of the past into a brighter future. All of this through God’s great love and grace for His daughters.


12 week  group coaching course

A Sisterhood Community

So now the only question that remains is: “Do you want to be made whole?”
Take the first steps today, sign up for the course now and see your life transformed!

LAUNCHING fall 2020

This welcome kit includes everything you'd need to know about myself and my services. This will give you a better understanding of how the whole process works! Sign up today to my newsletter and get instant access.

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Coaching packages start at $895. Book a free call today to learn more about pricing and payment plan options.

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Alignment on the best ways to keep you accountable to the goal. Subsequent calls will center around progress to goals, reassessment where needed and celebrating successes! 


final  step

I align on the commitments you will make to move forward towards your dream or goal.  


sixth  step

Building strategy and identifying action steps; a detailed path forward.

Set Meaningful SMART Goals 

fifth step

What is the goal? What needs to be added or removed to increase the chances of success? 

clarifying your goal & identifying solutions

fourth  step

What is or will get in the way? Take an honest inventory of your life; what will help or hinder you from being successful? 

Pinpointing Obstacles

third  step

Where are you now? Our conversation and/or worksheet exercises will help you determine where you are so you can get clear on the action steps you need to set to achieve your goals!  


second  step

Our first call will be focused on connecting, either through the discovery call or the initial coaching call, where we will spend time getting to know one another. I believe coaching is most effective when rooted in authentic relationship. Trust and transparency in relationship builds over time but our first call/touchpoint sets the foundation of how we will work together. 

building a relationship 

first step